Our history

>1987 = 0
Incos is born

It all started in a garage just outside Treviso, close to Venice. Maurizio Bazzo established Incos (Industria Costruzione Stampi) to design and fabricate moulds for the plastics industry.
From the start, we focused on multi-colour and multi-component rotating moulds for car lighting systems.

>2000 = 13
Acquisition of A.S.

Incos buys A.S.(Attrezzature Speciali) of Milan, a company with twenty years of experience in hot runner fabrication.

>2001 = 14
HRSflow is born

The HRSflow (Hot Runner System) division is established to design and fabricate hot runner systems for injection moulding. A.S.'s many years of experience in hot runners and INglass's experience in lighting moulds enable us to offer a line of hot runners to cover all the needs of the automotive industry. The company immediately started going global.

>2003 = 16
Fail Safe

The company registers a patent for Fail Safe, a system using dual heating elements and dual thermocouples on arm-mounted injectors, thus revolutionising the hot runner market.

>2006 = 19
The company changes name

INglass, initially the trade name of the Plastic Glazing division for the production of large area polycarbonate moulds, becomes the company name thanks to the high market profile of this technology. In the same year, the company presented a series of control units able to monitor the entire moulding process.

>2009 = 22
A stable base in Asia

The factory at Hangzhou, China, near to Shanghai, is inaugurated. The new production site has a total area of 12,200 square metres, of which 9,600 are devoted to production. The China factory makes and designs hot runner systems for the Asian market, employing the model, technologies and quality standards of the Italian HQ.

>2010 = 23
The Multitech line

The Multitech line is introduced. The line is dedicated to the production of multi-cavity systems for moulding low weight, high production volume components for other sectors than the automotive industry, primarily the medical, caps and closures, cosmetics and electronics industries, as well as any applications requiring fast cycle times and a very high quality finish.

>2013 = 26
The aesthetic revolution

We introduce FLEXflow, the patented electrical cylinder with its high-precision positioning, acceleration, speed and stroke of the pin, for automotive applications requiring a class A finish.

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