MT - Multitech Standard

Standard Integral nozzle MT29

This is the most commonly used range as it covers a vast range of applications. It comprises three nozzle sizes: MT22, MT29 and MT39. On the MT22 version, the channel is integral, while external or through the cavity end rings are used on the MT29 and MT39 versions. As regards the tips, thermal gate versions (MT22-29-39) or pin versions (MTV22-29-39) are available. These series can be combined with the end bushings through the cavity.

The system is constructed with stainless steel materials, with end ring and tip in different materials and a wide variety of options depending on the application. There are also extended versions up to 15mm, both thermal gate and free flow.


  • Possibility of efficient conditioning of surrounding area for injection point;
  • Channels sized to ensure effective decompression;
  • Possibility of moulding charged technopolymers;
  • Possibility of using insulating rings designed to produce rapid colour changes;
  • Leak free system.
Solutions and technologies