Hot Halves

Hot Halves with 48 cavities
Hot Halves with 64 cavities
Hot Halves with 16 cavities
Hot Halves with 32 cavities
Hot Halves with 12 cavities, PP molding material

The mainstay of multicavity systems lies in the complete supply of the wired system known as Hot Half. This supply releases the client from any problems related to the interface of the plate and hot runner, and eliminates the need for extra wiring. The system can be installed directly on the press.

The strong point is the precise structural design and dedicated cooling of the Hot Half plates. The use of high performance and corrosion proof steels adds a further guarantee of prolonged lifetime.
The recess to house the hot runner is obtained from the steel block and the internal geometry is specially shaped, to enable optimal resistance to bending and torsion, even in the presence of high cavitation.
Combined with internal supports obtained again from the steel block, this guarantees correct distribution of forces in all support elements - nozzles and thrust bearings. This special feature ensures increased lifetime of the entire hot runner system.


  • Optimal resistance to oxidation, thanks to the use of pre-hardened and tempered stainless steel plates;
  • Independent cooling of various plates;
  • Optimal resistance to bending/torsion;
  • Pre-wired system.